miniwdl input_template

miniwdl input_template generates a JSON skeleton for the inputs required to run a given WDL. Once the template is filled out, the JSON can be used with miniwdl run … -i INPUT.json.

$ miniwdl input-template path/to/my.wdl > my_inputs.json
$ vim my_inputs.json  # edit template
$ miniwdl run path/to/my.wdl -i my_inputs.json

Currently, the template includes only the WDL’s required inputs (not the optional ones).

Command line

usage: miniwdl input_template [-h] [--task TASK_NAME] [-p DIR]
                              [--no-outside-imports] [--no-quant-check]

Positional Arguments

WDL_URI WDL document filename/URI

Named Arguments

--task name of task (for WDL documents with multiple tasks & no workflow)


-p, --path local directory to search for imports (can supply multiple times)
 deny local imports from outside directory of main WDL file (or –path)
 relax static typechecking of optional types, and permit coercion of T to Array[T] (discouraged; for backwards compatibility with older WDL)


--debug maximally verbose logging & exception tracebacks